Rapid Fire

June 15, 2012


It was sunny Friday when I was in my room. I got nothing to do during the day, until my friend messaged me up. I see it was an invitation for me to join a field investigation about train management process. And I think it was interesting, so absolutely agreed about it.

13.00, I hurried up to the train station to gather with the team. At the time, I met Bernard, one of our partners. It seemed to be a nice party. Yes, it was.

The train came, and we stepped in. Ough, nice, it was loose. We didn’t need to be in crowd. It was my first ever since comfortable journey with train, but not for long. There was a clash between the train staff and a gang. Hoah, I know it was difficult time for the staff to overcome the condition that the gang intended not to pay for the entry tickets. Well, at the next station, they finally got away. But it was not such an easy thing for them. Standing at the train door, a man wearing thick black jacket shouted at the gang. He faced them alone such a like a police trying to arrest them. Yes, I think he was an Intel. Okay, it was cool.

Finally, we arrive at the Jakarta Central Station. Unexpectedly, it was the end of noon; we had to fasten our step to collect the necessary information. Not an easy work to find the right man in there, but we kept trying until we found a chamber with a Dutch style architecture inside. The bloom shine of dusk across the yellow plate made of glass creating a spectacular lighting; I felt like living in colonial ages. But it was short, we got to hurry; no time to being amazed pfft.

We met Mr. X, (I am sorry this should be secret) the right man who controls all the train activities in Jabodetabek. He said that the train information system was still manually configured. So, it was a perfect time to offer our idea to bring the system into the modern one using IT. But, it was not easy. He said that we can’t have the access to the database. “I think we should suppress this man, we have no choice. We need the database.”, in my mind. Then an epic conversation and bargaining happened over 1 hour and still, have no solution. So, he offered another option, “how about to create something that can warn the train passenger at the station that train is about to pass, so we can reduce our field staff”, he asked us. “No sir, we have built it, we need to expand this idea”, my friend answered. He brought us to the meeting room, and explained more the other real problems which do not need the access to the database. Okay, it took a long time, but it didn’t convince us to accept the idea. And next, it was over.

We had to go home. However, we got some valuable knowledge about the train system and understood some new terms, such as “interlock”, “CTS”, etc. “Hoah, I think we should find another topic”. “No, it isn’t, I think we have just got the topic.” ”Hahaha, I know what you mean.” The train sent us to Depok, and the journey of the day ended.

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