Japan, all must know what it is. It is a nation where samurai, ninjas, power rangers, ultramans and many my-beautiful-childhood things live. Maybe, you too. And finally, I live in Japan. I have written a few notes about my first moment about arriving in Japan, but in Bahasa Indonesia. I need to write this priceless experience in English, so that everyone can read my blog. Many amazing things have happened and I will write them one by one.


My name is Rizki. Currently, I am pursuing Tokyo Tech YSEP program. For those who have never known YSEP, you can check out this link http://www.ryu.titech.ac.jp/~ysep/home.html. I studied Computer Science in University of Indonesia. Now, I am going to do a research at Tokyo Tech. I belongs to Kumazawa Laboratory located at Tokyo Tech Suzukakedai campus.


My research theme is remote sensing. The specific topic has not been settled, but I and my professor have discussed about it. It will be around applying image processing on remote sensing, so I have to learn image processing and machine learning deeply.

By the way, I live in Shofu dormitory, one of Tokyo Tech student housings. Well, many people thought that I am going to live in Tokyo. No, my dorm is located in Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa Prefecture. It is on the south of Tokyo. I like this dorm so much. It is comfortable and calm.

There are many things more I should tell, but I will write them in the next post. From now on, I am going to put all these stories in YSEP category. Alright, that’s all for my first post. See ya.

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