Improving Time

This week I tried to rent a motorbike in Jakarta. It cost around 260K rupiahs for three days. The package includes two helmets and a motor tax paper. I used it for doing some long rides, like Slipi-Depok and Depok-Pulomas routes. It is about a journey along the outskirt of Jakarta. I like it because I can save more time than if I used trains and buses. I would like to say “it improves my time”. So, why I say so? Let me explain that.

How do you see “time”? In “The Effective Executive” book, time is an nonrenewable resource. Since nothing can substitute time, its value is priceless. Imagine gold or diamond, can you think why it is expensive? Yes, because it is a kind of scarce resource, so does time. Time is an expensive resource. Imagine that you have to spend 4 hours for commuting during works, can you count how much time you can spend for leisures outside work? Yes, it must be 24 hours minus 4 hours minus working time. That will be the time that is deserved for you to have an enjoyable life. If you can cut the commuting time, you can have more of your time and improve your time. You can gather and use that amount of time means that you have spent the most expensive things for your happy life.

My trip like Slipi-Depok, Depok-Pulomas, and Pulomas-Slipi usually took about 90, 120, and 180 minutes respectively. Compared to motorbike ride, it needs 30, 60, and 30 minutes. The latter improves 70% of the travel time of the former. I can understand why many Jakartans ride motorbikes, even though the public transportation networks are massive. I am impressed by the way Transjakarta buses work. They have their own lanes on highways. Everyone expects them to be speedy while other vehicles do some struggles in traffic jams. The problem is that many of those lanes are overlapping with private vehicle roads, making no difference in such a traffic jam situation. Most bus stations are also far from residences; 15 minutes walk for me. Besides, the passengers have to be patient waiting for the bus that can arrive in 30 minutes.

Considering a train, it is the most fastest vehicle in the city, yet not always in time. For reaching some stations, it might stop first in the middle of the way to wait a station entry queue and it can be 30 minutes long. There are another alternatives, such as Uber Moto and GrabBike. At normal usage like taking a 5 minutes trip, the drivers will gladly bring you to the destination. However, they always throw away orders of 30 minutes or more trip. So, there is much uncertainty of transportation in Jakarta. In the other hand, motorbikes offer a full privilege in making trip. They are affordable for personal usages. People even can own it via simple financial credits. Oil becomes cheaper now too.

Considering the rent cost, it is rationally unjustifiable. I took the decision to rent a motorbike as a part of a research to prove the argument that I really need a motorbike. In other occasions, I met some colleagues and they told me I am crazy. They asked me why you spent a lot of money for that thing. Simply, I answered “I am just buying freedom”.



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